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Unity Game play Programmer (Remote – Full time contract)

Max Inferno – A little to the Left

Location: Halifax 

March 2023 - December 2023

Program new game features using Unity, while optimizing code performance and gameplay. Develop new game play using ticket management, Github, Bitbucket and working alongside the Development lead.

  • Incorporate new features with predefined code or develop new functionality.

  • Refactor code for new functionality or optimize play performance.

  • Import art concepts and report game play.

  • Identify any issues pertaining to functionality.

  • Report concerns about gameplay to the development lead to improve the overall functionality for a more enjoyable experience to the player.


Unity Game Developer (Solo/Self-Employed – Full Time)

Enfenyx Games - Virvius, Devastation

Location: Cambridge

September 2016 - Current

Design games using Unity by creating a vast amount of assets and implementing them into the game. Program game primary functionality including, gameplay, UI/UX, enemy AI, game management, player controller and level operability.

  • Design video, graphical assets, textures and 3D models using Adobe Suite.

  • Logging game constructive feedback and re-iterating functionality.

  • Composing music and sounds and importing it into game code.

  • Program detailed game functionality including player/audio management saving/loading files, options/settings, navigation, animation and controls.

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Merchandising Coordinator – Supervisor (Team Lead Experience)

TJX Winners/Homesense
Location: New Minas

July 2021 - March 2023

Managing associates, store products, adhering standards and policies through training, coaching and collaboration with peer followups, validation of work and personal projects.

  • Leadership, Team Building, Training & Task Assignment

  • Sales Operations, Merchandising, Dept. Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Loss Prevention, Planning, Problem Solving

  • Customer Resolutions




Degree: Programming generalist
NSCC Truro Campus

Graduated college in 2018 as a Programming Generalist which is mainly focused on building games in Unity engine and using C#. Other courses included making games using Java script and python and collaborating with other students 3D Art and programming in making games. 


Degree: High School Diploma
Horton High School

Graduated High school in 2008.



Dark Fantasy First Person Shooter

March 2021 - Current

Virvius was an ambitious project that started March 6th 2021. The goal initially was to see I could produce a Quake/Doom based game in Unity Engine from scratch in visualizing the development steps of John Carmack's & John Romero's team.

Following that goal over two years later, Virvius has developed into a massive project that outweighs the work of a solo developer but succeeded in developing a fully fledged game consisting of a 7 level demo, playable on Steam.

Devastation II: Repatriation

3D Arcade Shoot 'em Up

February 2020 - January 2021

Devastation 2 originally was built as a showcase of skills for the Games Industry and a 2D to 3D conversion of its prequel project Devastation: ATAR. The project lasted about 1yr 4 months to build the following it's release as full game on Steam.

Devastation 2 showcases an abundance of 3D work developed in Photoshop and Probuilder which includes the Levels, Enemies and Items. The visual aspect was mostly designed In Adobe After Effects.

Devastation: Annihilate the Alien Race

2D Arcade Shoot 'em Up

November 2019 - February 2020

Devastation: ATAR was my first ever game release which took 4 months to build. This game was an attempt to recreate a game showcased at Halcon (NSCC Booth) 2019 called ScoreRush which was initially built by my instructor from college and his brother. 

The goal was to have the game built and released on Steam and mobile for the first time but following testing the game on a mobile interface portrayed performance issues which, would require a large refactor of code and assets used. The idea was eventually scrapped. 

Treasure Quest: Curse of the Black Jewel

3D First Person Dungeon Crawler RPG

January 2019 - October 2019

Treasure Quest was another ambitious 10 month project which extended my learning about how to build games following graduation of college. The idea was to recreate my child hood game called Landstalker and make it into 3D.

Later in 
development the project was canceled due to the amount of work required to finish it as well as my coding ability was undermined to the advanced structure needed to build this game.

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