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This is a preview of my after effects videos, most of them i Begin in Photoshop, build the required overlays and interface images, then import all of the images into After Effects. I then key frame the videos, add transitions, rotations scaling  music that I made etc and BAM! music video!


I had a side job working for a Pharmaceutical company building After Effect video advertisements weekly, This job was lost due to covid.

Virvius Game trailer 2023

Virvius Start Screen Final

Enfenyx Boot INtro 2022

Virvius Start Screen

Rain Effect using After Effects

Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.28.03
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.27.37
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.36.29
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.18 - 22.26.35
Screenshot (480).png
Screenshot (481).png
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