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User Interface Design Concepts//

Unity Development//

Photoshop example of the item icons, using shape tools, painting, shading and graphic properties to design each layer of the image. 

Part one of the icon collaboration for the game. which are imported as sprites in unity

Screenshot (477).png
Screenshot (478).png

Part two of the icon collaboration for the game. Some of the elements aren't for UI but textures for walls and floors of dungeons and terrain containing bump maps and normal maps.

For the main menu Photoshop has an integrated 3D mode so you can design 3D images in 2 dimensional perspective. 

Screenshot (479).png
Screenshot (476).png

Jewel Icons and loading progress bar for the loading screen. Any scene that is being loaded is setup during the loading process. The UI Icons are set active.

Screenshot (468).png

3D image implemented in Unity for the main menu. imported as a image and through code, sets up the fill amount from left to right, creating image building effect.

Screenshot (474).png

More UI Examples//

Other Game UI Designs//

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