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dEVASTATION Annihilate the alien race                                            Platforms: Windows OS
fINAL cOMPLETED prODUCT                                         
Release Date: 02/05/2020




Tear through hordes of alien ships with, skill based gameplay,

bombs and upgrades to obliterate everything in your path.

Gun down over 11 massive bosses,

build an insane score bank on the leaderboards and overcome clouds of enemy fire.

Play locally up to 4 players at once and dominate the game together in 3 different game modes with 4 different game styles or play solo to test your skill with intense difficulty.

Unlock up to 30 achievements to build your total gamer score.


designed passionately with enfenyx style.

Devastation - Annihilate the Alien Race, is a 2D, dual stick shoot em' up, bullet hell, arcade game.

Tear up hordes of aliens with skill based game play, bombs & upgrades to obliterate everything!.

Gun down 11 massive bosses,

bank insane score on the leaderboards and overcome clouds of enemy fire.

Coming Soon

Devastation: OST

The official soundtrack from the Devastation: Annihilate the Alien Race


includes the original 16 tracks from the games epic boss battles, intense levels & menu music.


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