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dEVASTATION 2  rEPATRIATION                                                    Platforms: Windows OS
fINAL cOMPLETED prODUCT                                         
Release Date: 01/13/2021



Devastation 2 – Repatriation is a revolutionized 3D “Blast them to hell!” shoot ‘em up, arcade style game.

Devastation is back! And jacked with intense ACTION! Literally! The alien horde has returned, but how?

To take over the intergalactic web? With alien malware technology called the Byterrians?

Time to bust out the back up software and eradicate these suckers once and for all!


Devastate like never before! Kill your enemies as fast as possible,

unlock in game achievements, Customize your weapons and earn a god-like multiplier!

Devastation 2 is unlike any other shoot'em Up!


designed passionately with enfenyx style.

Upgrade your artillery and repair your ships defenses,

battle through in a new 3D revolutionized futuristic environments with 12 different dynamic levels.

Annihilate over 20 different Byterrian types with Hyper Speed,

blow apart large waves of enemies with single massive explosion and decimate over 10 different heavy bosses.

Coming Soon

Devastation II: OST

Released on Steam!

Release date: 08/04/21 

The official soundtrack from the Devastation II: Repatriation


includes the original 19 tracks from the games epic boss battles, intense levels & menu music.

Free to test out on Steam!


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it will aid toward getting a release of the game 
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