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Desktop Screenshot 2023.04.03 -

Destiny Venture legend of the crystals                                Platforms: Windows OS
Prototype finished prODUCT                                   
Release Date: Prototype



A first person hack 'n slash dungeon crawler.

set out on an adventure to collect the legendary crystals and defeat the evil boss.


this title was created February 2018 to the end of April 2018 as a solo project

designed for a game development course at NSCC.

At the time the main structures of the game were built and one ice temple to explore.


During the end of the projects 5 week capstone, I had joined up with 3 other developers and expanded the game further with levels, enemies and assets. 


Everyone had ended their work on the project at the end of May and I had continued development

polishing new features in the game until July 17th 2018.

This game is a first person hack 'n slash RPG dungeon crawler.

Set off on an adventure exploring elemental temples unlocking chests and collecting equipment.

slash through enemies and bosses and gradually collect the legendary crystals. 

Scope out dark creepy temples and defeat the temples boss,

scour through hot and cold environments with equipable gear. 

Destiny Venture: OST

The official soundtrack from Destiny Venture: Legend of the crystals


includes the original 8 tracks from the games epic boss battles, intense levels & menu music.

Desktop Screenshot 2023.04.03 -

Alt Developer Credits 

Jonathan K

  • Flame temple complete design

  • Player camera wave shader

  • Final Temple Complete design

  • Warp portal programming

  • Level assets & prop Ideas

Luke W

  • Over World complete design

  • Over world particle effects

  • Over world temple locations

  • Sword combo prototype programming

  • Debug level design (not shown)

Cory S

  • 3D prop models / textures

  • (torches, hanging torches, bridge, crystals, big chests, spikes, moving platform, rocks)

  • 3D enemy models / textures/ animations

  • (Ice Golem, Fire Golem, Final Boss, Ghost (fire, phantom, frost)

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