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Hey, My name is Myke Wills, I'm 35 and I live in Canada.

I had made games when RPG maker 2000 was available for Windows XP and my games were saved on several floppy disks.

Even when I was younger I've always played video games and had a creative passion for art & music. 

After attending College, graduating with a programming generalist diploma I happily took game development under my wing ever since.

Over the past 5 years I invested in setting myself up with some decent hardware that gave me the tools to develop games.

After crunching an abundance of information about programming, art and game design in a short time, I had completed two games that were successfully released on Steam.

Now I am currently managing the development of virvius full time, on top of working 70 hours a week as a coordinator in retail.

eventually in hopes to release this game I can finally rest and say that

I had built a game similar to Quake and walked in the shoes of the legendary John Carmack & John Romero.


A Unity Game Developer


Michael R Wills

(aka. Enfenyx Games)

a motivated Unity game development professional and an engaged developer in all aspects of game design..

all including:

  • Complete unity Game programming

  • graphic/User Interface design &video development

  • Audio composition & music environment

  • Level design & basic Unity Modeling

  • Polish, performance & optimization

  • logo design, networking & marketing.  


Currently looking for opportunity in:

  • game Development in Unity

  • gameplay programming

  • AI programming

  • UI programming

  • QA testing and Debugging

  • teaching games in Unity

  • UI Graphic Design 

  • Video Editing

  • Unity Asset Building

  • Level Design

  • Music Composition

  • Sound Design

  • Player programming

  • Graphic design

  • Technical Artist

  • Technical Designer

  • teaching baseline C# 

Development of Games//
Education & business//
Skill sets & adaptabilities//

  • Virvius - Game Designer          (PC windows 3D first person shooter arcade Unity game)

  • Devastation II - Game Designer (PC windows 3D shoot'em up fast action arcade Unity game)

  • Devastation - Game Designer (PC windows 2D shoot'em up bullet hell Unity game)

  • Extinction - Lead Programmer/ Level Designer (PC, 6-dimensions of freedom shooter Unity game)

  • Treasure Quest – Game Designer (PC Unity first person role playing dungeon crawler)

  • Destiny Venture - Programmer/Game Designer (PC, first person adventure Unity game)

  • Brick Win 2000 – Programmer/Game Designer (paddle & brick Java Script game for web browser)

  • Plane-X-ball - Programmer/Game Designer (PC roll-a-ball adventure Unity game)

  • Hellfire - Programmer/Game Designer (PC, first person shooter Unity game)

  • Bio Realm - Lead Programmer/Weapon Designer (PC, first person shooter Unity game)

Nova Scotia Community College                Truro, NS

Game Development Diploma 2018


Horton High School                                  Greenwich, NS

Grade 12 Diploma 2008

Devastation-Annihilate the Alien Race

Enfenyx Games

First Shipped game release on steam

Devastation 2-Repatriation

Enfenyx Games

Second Shipped game release on steam

Entrepreneurship in the making grant program

NSCC community collage Truro, NS

Business Grant to Enfenyx Games

NSCC Tech Connection Conference

NSCC community collage Truro, NS

Indie development spokesman

Adobe Photoshop:

  • Created a variety of advanced 3D design backgrounds

  • Designed and constructed overlaid images (game covers, logos, icons, banners)

  • Saving images in a variety of formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF)

  • Exporting 3D images into 3D models for 3D design software.


Adobe After Effects:

  • Designed a majority of high quality videos (background, intro, loading)

  • Key framed imported design images from Photoshop (constructed – fading, moving, zooming, rotation, distortion)

  • Saved videos in high and low quality resolutions (H.264 - MOV, WMV, AVI, MP4)

  • Experienced with After Effect plugins such as Element 3D Video Copilot


Game Programming (Unity):

  • Character Controllers (6 degrees of freedom/First Person 3D, 2D controllers)

  • Enemy AI 3D & 2D (enemy state machines – attacking, moving, idling, shooting, vanishing, chasing, ambush, bosses)

  • Game Control Management (storing file data, loading and saving, game transition, scene management, day/night transitions, in game time management, wave systems)

  • UI programming (shops, object pooling, item management, character dialogue, game pop up displays, transitions, visual effects, camera FX)


Level Design (Unity):

  • Unity Pro Builder – design 3D object models and props including animations

  • Unity Pro Grids – design for perfect professional grid snapping for 3D models and levels

  • 3D and 2D Levels – (tile palettes, dungeons, houses, terrains, caves, boats)

  • Level objects (items, pickups, props, kill boxes, obstacles, moving platforms, puzzles)

  • Level development (post processing, occlusion, navigation, profiling, sky boxes, lighting, ambient settings)


User Interface (Unity/Other):

  • Main Menu UI (animation, buttons, sprites, backgrounds, 3D Text, transitions)

  • Loading Screens (Image design, loading bars, percentage displays)

  • In Game UI (damage effects, score, visual layout, health, ammo, item display)

  • Game videos (boot intros, game play videos, video backgrounds)


Magix Music Maker

  • Created a library of music albums

  • Constructed in game music (particular elemental designed levels - ice, lava, forest, boss, ambiance, dungeons, sound effects)

  • Combined mechanical sounds composed for intros and loading videos


Adobe Audition:

  • Recorded sounds for UI and in-game (distorted to sound like, gun effects, player movement, collisions, enemies, ambiance - (rivers, storms, waterfalls, day, nightfall, wind, underwater)

  • Enhanced sound frequency (echoes, reverb, ambiance, volume)

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